Is it possible to input values into table cells with the help of image command using the input="...." functionality?

Yes, this is possible. Please use the notation (e.g.)

Image ....      input="cell[All items,Material,3]: M1234"

In most cases it does not make much sense to use a fixed row number. You can use the symbolic row number  * instead to denote the cursor row (or row 1 if cursor is outside of the table):

Image ....      input="cell[All items,Material,*]: M1234"

You can also enter a value and then put the cursor to the next table row, using the notation *+1. In the case of several fields, please use the *+1 for the last field only:

Image ....      input="cell[All items,Material,*]: M1234;cell[All items,Amount,*+1]: 1000"