Question concerning Launchpad navigation:

I have a Z transaction on which I have created a launchpad to navigate to different SAP transactions. Only when users navigate from this Z transaction will they see GuiXT screens, otherwise they will see the standard SAP screen.

What is happening is that, if from part way through a GuiXT transaction, the user navigates to a different transaction by executing /ntcode, my guixt variables are not getting reset; so can you please tell me how to reset the GuiXT variables on exit from the transaction code?

I think the best solution would be to create new Z... transaction codes for each transaction that you call up from your launch pad (use SE93, parameter transaction), and then use

if Q[Transaction=Z....]



in your scripts. This has the advantage that the user can call up your new transactions via /N... as well, or define a SAP GUI shortcut for them.

The second best solution: Use the system variable V[_last_fcode]. For example, for transaction VA01:

You probably start the transaction from your launchpad with "/NVA01". In addition, set a flag V[via_launch_pad] = X. In the VA01 script, use

// transaction started via /N or /O command?

if V[_last_fcode=/NVA01] or V[_last_fcode=/OVA01]

// not coming from launch pad?

if not V[via_launchpad=X]

// reset all variables



// transaction started from launch pad

Set V[via_launchpad] ""