Defaulting dates: Is there any way to set a field with the next working day?
We have tried [today+1mmddyyy] but it schedules Saturday instead of Monday if the program is run on a Friday.

The calculation can be done as follows:

Set V[date1] "&V[today_m/d/y]"
// in   date1: any date in valid date format d.m.y, m/d/y, m-d-y, y.m.d, y/m/d, y-m-d
// out date2: next working day (no Saturday or Sunday) in same format

Set V[absdate] &V[date1] * 1

Set V[day_of_week] &V[absdate] / 7 decimals=0

Set V[day_of_week] &V[day_of_week] * 7

Set V[day_of_week] &V[absdate] - &V[day_of_week]
// day_of_week: -3 = Friday -2=Saturday -1=Sunday ... 3=Thursday
// Friday?

if V[day_of_week=-3]

  Set V[date2] &V[date1] + 3


  // Saturday?

  if V[day_of_week=-2]

    Set V[date2] &V[date1] + 2


    Set V[date2] &V[date1] + 1



Message "&V[date1], next working day: &V[date2]"