Do we need to upload GUIXTSTRING.DLL for Web Repository?

If we use GUIXTSTRING.DLL, do we need to create the MIME types for DLL, CPP and DEF files and upload the following files to Web Repository?


Or can we move the library to the local directory when we install GuiXT on the local machine?
How would we call on the library in this case?

- only the dll is needed on the local machine, in SAP GUI folder or any other folder

- if the folder is not the SAP GUI folder, or not the Windows system folder, or not listed in the PATH environment variable, you have to specify the full path in the script Call statement

- it is not possible to call a dll located in Web repository. What you can do is to copy the dll from Web Repository before you call it. Example:

OpenFile "C:\temp\guixtstring.dll"

if Q[ok]

  CloseFile "C:\temp\guixtstring.dll"


  CopyFile source="SAPWR:ZGUIXT.guixtstring.dll.txt" destination="C:\temp\guixtstring.dll"


Call "alphanum" dll="C:\temp\guixtstring.dll" In=,,,

As shown in the example,  the Web Repository file can be named "...txt" so that you do not have to define a dll MIME type in transaction SMW0.