I use a function call to read a text from the SAP database, and the I display this text with a Message statement:
copytext fromText="t1" ToString="text"
Message "...&V[text]..."
This works fine as long as there are no new paragraphs in the texts, but if there are, only the first paragraph is shown. What can I do?

The message statement assumes that the string "/n" indicates a new paragraph. You can use the following coding to insert "\n" for all new paragraphs:

// Use a textbox for testing only:

TextBox (10,1) (20,80) name=t1

Set V[i] 1

Set V[s] ""

label copyline

  CopyText fromText=t1 toString=s1 line="&V[i]"

  if Q[ok]

    Set V[s] "&V[s]&V[s1]\n"  // append line + carriage return

    Set V[i]  "&V[i]"  +  1

  goto copyline


Message "&V[s]"