Can I set up SearchHelps for two input fields on the same screen?

I am facing the problem that only the first SearchHelp in the GuiXT script works; the selection criteria for the second SearchHelp don't work. I have tried to specify the SearchHelp each field should use, using:

searchHelp="..." but this does not help.

Is there a way that I can make the two SearchHelps work on the same screen? I have included the two lines of script below.

inputfield (4,0) "Region" (4,17) "size=4" name="VA_SOFF"
techname="VBAK-VKBUR" shselname1="VKORG" shselvalue1="&V[VA2_SORG]"
shselname2="VTWEG" shselvalue2="02" "&V[VA2_readonly]" "-required"
inputfield (4,40) "Hire Centre" (4,56) "size=3" name="VA_SGRP"
techname="VBAK-VKGRP" shselname1="VKBUR" shselvalue1="&V[VA_SOFF]"
"&V[VA2_readonly]" "-required"

please use the notation

... shselvalue1="[VA_SOFF]" 

in the second InputField. GuiXT will then replace this with the new value of the variable. In contrast to the notation "&V[VA_SOFF]" with which the value is taken when the screen is displayed.