We are using a structured short text that consists of 3 parts of 4 characters each. I have defined 3 InputFields on the screen, and now want to combine these fields into the "short text" field:
Set F[Short text] "&V[part1]&V[part2]&V[part3]"
This works fine if the 3 parts are each filled with 4 characters. But for shorter strings, e.g.
part1: ABC  part2: XYZ part3: 1234
I get the string "ABCXYZ1234" instead of "ABC XYZ 1234". How can I correct this?

Please use the substring notation

Set V[shorttext] "&V[part1]"
Set V[shorttext](5-8) "&V[part2]"
Set V[shorttext](9-12) "&V[part3]"

Set F[Short text] "&V[shorttext]"