We are programming a special ABAP searchhelp function for one of our InputFields and want to use the additional parameters shselname1=, shselvalue1=,..., shname1=, shdest1= . How are these parameters passed to the tables sel and dest of our ABAP exit program?

The tables "sel" and "dest" both have two columns:  "name" and "value". They are filled with the values that you specify in the InputField statement. Example:

Inputfield (18,1) "CC" (18,20) name="buk" size="4" searchhelp="exit.zguixtmc1.mcbuk" shselname1="abc2" shselvalue1="1000"

When the routine mcbuk of program zguixtmc1 is called, table "sel" contains one row with name="abc2" and value="1000".