On "Enter" Process="update.txt" what is the order?   

I use the "On" command in a GuiXT Script.
On "Enter" Process="update.txt"
does the system first execute the "Enter" command or the "update.txt" script?

The logic is as follows:

- user enters values and presses the "Enter" button;

- GuiXT gets the control (from SAP GUI) and processes the first part of the InputScript, which is terminated by the first "Screen" command in the InputScript. In this first script part you can set additional values with  "Set F[...]", even compulsory fields that the user has not filled. You can also set a new function code with  "Enter", depending on the values the user entered, overwriting the original function code;

- Now all field input values (user input, additional GuiXT "Set" commands", function code) are sent to the SAP application;

- SAP performs its application logic and sends back a new screen;

- GuiXT searches the next matching "Screen" command in the script and processes the corresponding commands.