Can you help us with an InputAssistant problem concerning GuiXT: Passing parameters?

We are calling an InputScript and passing three parameters:

pushbutton (11,2) "4. Create Notification " "/NIW21"
"process=IW21quick.txt" using NotificationDescription =
"&[NotificationText]" using FunctionalLocation =
using SigLevel = "&[SigLevel]"

These parameters are populated via three inputfields
inputfield (5,2) "name=NotificationText" "size=51" "-nolabel"

When the script runs the description parameter is blank until the script is run a second time. The other parameters are passed successfully. Running the script with "visible on" we can see the field is blank during the first run. During the second run the field is populated. Furthermore, if a change is made the change isn't picked up either, until the script is rerun.

 What is the explanation, please?

There is an important difference between

... using par = "&[variable]"


... using par = [variable]

In the first case, "&[variable]" is replaced with the value of the variable when the script is executed, i.e. when the screen is displayed.

In the second case, GuiXT replaces [variable] with the value that has just been entered, and then calls the script.

Normally the second notation is what one needs.