How can we address the content of text fields (like sales office text)?

We are experiencing problems picking up a field from within VA01 - 02 - 03
This field is on the header screen and the technical details report this
as transparent table TVKBT field name BEZEI
When we reference this with &F[TVKBT-BEZEI] it returns nothing, but if we use, for example, &F[VBAK-ERNAM] then this works correctly. Does the fact that this is not an entry field make any difference?

The text fields (like sales office text) are not contained in GuiXT screen elements.
In the "pos" and "del" commands you can use the "-triple" option
to move or remove them as well.
To address the content of the field, the only possibility is currently to
use absolute coordinates, e.g.

for the sales office text in the first screen of VA01.
This is not yet perfect, and we will try to make the technical names
available in a future GuiXT version.