Is there any way in a GuiXT standard script (not an input script) to suppress warning messages?
(In the first phase of our SAP implementation we are continuing to enter orders off-line at our head office, usually many days after the actual order date. Consequently we get unwanted warning messages about the order date and the pricing dates being in the past. We would like to suppress these until phase two, when we will enter the orders on-line or in real-time.)

At the moment, GuiXT scripts don't cater for the suppression of warning messages. However, here is a roundabout way that uses a short InputScript:
Assume that you normally press "Enter" on the screen and then you get the unwanted warning message(s).
In your GuiXT script, add:
On "Enter" Fcode="/O" Process="nowarning.txt"
Then the InputScript "nowarning.txt" is started:
// Modus overview: return
Screen *
// First screen again: Hit "Enter"
// now processing all warning messages automatically
Screen *
Instead of "Screen *" (= "any screen") you can use the specific screen names.