How do I pass values between multiple sessions?

All GuiXT variables persist only during current session. However, it is possible to pass values of variables to a new session. The variables should be passed as parameters. Note that it is not possible to pass values to an existing session.

Sample GuiXT script:

Pushbutton (toolbar) "Pass values" "/oiw31" "process=open_new_session.txt"

     using order_type = "OR"

When this push button is clicked, it opens up a new session with transaction code iw31 (Create order). A parameter order_type is passed to the new session.

Input script: open_new_session.txt

Parameter order_type

If not U[order_type=OR] //Test the variable
//do something here

Screen XYZ
Set F[Order type] "&[order_type]" //Using variable value

The Parameter statement declares the variable order_type. You can then use the variable with a "U" prefix.