Problem with non-ANSI characters: After installing GuiXT Version 2015.2.5 we find we have a problem with non-ANSI characters in our scripts. ... Screen elements with Umlauts are not found, and Umlauts in our own texts are incorrectly visualized. We have a Unicode system and the scripts are in the SAP Web Repository. What could be the reason?

As of GuiXT version 2015 Q2 2, scripts are automatically converted into UTF8 or ANSI depending on whether the SAP system is Unicode or non-Unicode. Probably your scripts are in UTF8 (since it worked before), but GuiXT doesn't recognize the format since the file header (BOM) is missing. This can occur with some text editors. The GuiXT script editor always writes the correct UTF8 header.

You have two possibilities to correct the problem:


ProcessingOption scriptcodepage="ignore"

in your session script; this will deactivate the automatic script conversion.

Update the scripts in a different editor, e.g. GuiXT script editor, using UTF8 format.