Invisible columns even when GuiXT is turned off: We have used a GuiXT script in transaction IW32  to suppress table columns; then, even when GuiXT is later turned off, the suppressed columns remain suppressed (ColumnSize=0). How can I avoid this effect?

This problem occurs if the user performs the following steps; She or he:

1  uses IW32 with GuiXT turned on. Only 2 columns are displayed since the GuiXT script sets ColumnSize=0 for the other columns.

2  presses the "personal table layout button" (standard SAP functionality for tables) and saves this layout as the user's personal standard layout.

3  deactivates GuiXT and calls up IW32 again

4  Now SAP displays the personalized layout just defined, i.e. 2 columns only.

To avoid the problem you can deactivate the "personal layout" button in the script, e.g. with

On  "/%_TXSAPLCOVG                                TCTRL_3010"  fcode="/0"