We have an issue regarding radio buttons on a screen. These are customized radio buttons created separately and not related to an existing SAP field. The problem is that all the radio buttons on the screen are checked by default. Below is the code :

radiobutton  (6,90) "Trust" name="g_bp_trust" value="02"

radiobutton  (6,127) "Partnership" name="g_bp_partner" value="04"

radiobutton  (6,73) "Company" name="g_bp_company" value="01"

radiobutton  (6,110) "Individual" name="g_bp_indiv" value="03"

Please always use the same variable name, e.g. "g_bp":

  radiobutton  (6,90) "Trust" name="g_bp" value="02"

  radiobutton  (6,127) "Partnership" name="g_bp" value="04"

  radiobutton  (6,73) "Company" name="g_bp" value="01"

  radiobutton  (6,110) "Individual" name="g_bp" value="03" 

If the variable V[g_bp] has the value "04", for example, the "Partnership" radiobutton will be ticked.