GuiXT and colour change: Can you tell me why, in a certain part of my screen one row is blue instead of grey?  I've tried to enlarge the field but that didn't help. When I put the  same row in row 1 or 6, it also turns blue. But when I put it in row 7 it is grey again.

The SAP screens contain areas with grey and blue background. Sometimes a field that has been shifted to a new position, or InputField, gets the wrong background color. The reason is that internally the SAP screen is divided into different areas (group boxes, internal subscreens, tabstrips) with blue or grey background color, and these areas keep their position even when you delete fields, shift fields, or define your own elements. A workaround in cases with the "wrong" color is either to create a group box around the elements, or (especially for your own InputFields) to work with the "Offset" command.

After an Offset command, e.g.

Offset (10,12)

GuiXT adds the offset to all screen coordinates and in addition, and this is the relevant part for our problem, internally  places each new InputField into the screen area that contains the given offset coordinates. The InputField will then be displayed by SAP GUI with the background color for this area.