Web Repository and ITS 
1.  Is it possible, at the same time, to store scripts on the SAP Web Repository and on the ITS server?

2.  We have elected to use the SAP Web Repository for all our scripts - this is working well. Another group in our company are busy looking at our Portal - and they want us to deliver all our GuiXT functionality through ITS. The scripts stored on the LAN are picked up by ITS and work fine - but ITS does not appear to be able to find the scripts stored in the Web Repository.

1.  Yes, this is possible. When storing on the ITS server we recommend you work with the  Versionnumber option and the local cache in order to reduce the data traffic between PCs and ITS server.

2.  Web Repository access is also supported in ITS environment. The problem here could be that, with ITS agate instead of sapgui doing the GuiXT interface, GuiXT does not get the full RFC connection parameters. For example, instead of application server "pwdf0940.wdf.sap.corp" it gets only "pwdf0940". Depending on the network settings (and local HOSTS file), the RFC does not find the application server. We suggest you use the RfcConnect statement in guixt.ini to avoid this problem (see documentation).