Pushbutton and Function codes 

I have a screen with a menu item 'Cancel'. This is set up in gui status as code CANCEL and as function type E which means that if I select this item, processing passes directly to the PAI module 'At Exit-Command'.

The requirement is to remove all menu items and set up just the required ones as pushbuttons. I have created a script in the form:
del M[1,1]
pushbutton (12,2) "Cancel" "CANCEL"

If I select the pushbutton, I now do not go to the At Exit-Command module but instead go to the normal user command module. Why is this so,  and is there a way I can still get it to go to the Exit- Command module?

Please use the menu notation in the pushbutton definition:

pushbutton (12,2) "Cancel" "/Menu=1,1"