Language Independent Scripting 

For language independent scripts how do you delete the buttons on the toolbar?

For the material selection screen, how do you select specific views? For example if I want to select basic data 1, MRP1, purchasing, that no matter what language the login, it always selects these views?

For buttons in the toolbar you can use the function key, e.g.

del P[/30]
where /30 corresponds to Ctrl+F6 (Shift=+12, Ctrl=+24).

To address different tabs, you can use the technical name that is shown in the screen elements. It is built using the function code for this button.


del P[SP03]
deletes the "Classification" tab (function code SP03).

Another possibility in such cases is to add language dependent coding in the script:

if Q[Language=E]
del P[Classification]
del P[Additional data]

if Q[Language=J]
del ...
del ...