Form output problem: What is the reason for our getting the error message: "the GuiXT component could not be found. .. "?

On all our users' machines we currently have guixt.ini files which point to a server which has developed a problem and has gone down and will be for several days while it is being re-built. This is causing the above GuiXT component error and some users are not getting into SAP. Can you help?

The explanation is to be found in the "SwitchTo" points to a .ini file on the nework that cannot be reached by GuiXT. In this case, GuiXT waits 5 minutes before it decides to ignore the SwitchTo statement. Sapgui, which is waiting for the GuiXT response, displays the error popup "GuiXT component could not be found" roughly 20 seconds after calling GuiXT and getting no response during this time.

With the new GuiXT version 2004 Q2 2, the command

FileAccessTimeout 15

in guixt.ini can now be used before the SwitchTo statement. GuiXT will then continue with the next guixt.ini statement after 15 seconds of network waiting. You can use a 2nd SwitchTo statement for a different server, or put some defaults for the GuiXT settings into the local ini file.