GuiXT images and scrollbar
I use the "image" command to insert a picture into a screen. The image locates perfectly at the defined position. I now reduce the R/3 screen to a smaller size. A scrollbar appears at the right hand side. However, once I start dragging on the scrollbar to an upper / lower position, I find that the image is still located at the absolute position of the screen. It does not react to go up and down. Is there a solution to this problem?

There are 2 different types of scrollbars in SAP screens:

- the window scrollbar

- inner scrollbars that scroll inner areas of the screen

GuiXT images work fine with the general window scrollbar, but they do not move if one scrolls inner areas of the screen.

In many cases, a possible solution is to use the statement


in the GuiXT script. This suppress the inner scrollbar. The user can still work with the window scrollbar if desired.