Difficulties with Q[Role=...]

My user's role is Z_CUSTO_DEV, and I would like to use Q[Role=...] in my GuiXT script.

My script GuiXT sapmp56f.f0100.txt

if Q[Role=Z_CUSTO_DEV]

noinput F[user name]

noinput F[#[1,34]]

del F[]

del P[multiple selection]


Is the syntax correct?

Is Q[Role] a GuiXT system variable?

The user roles are read by GuiXT from the SAP system via RFC, when the first "if Q[Role=...]" is executed.

You need a valid RFC user and password in GuiXT profile, and the user must have the right authorizations. See our documentation, 1st menu, last item "Remote function call" for the necessary user rights of the RFC user. In our past experience, problems with Q[Role=...] have had this cause.