Failsafe guixt.ini

We would like to have the local desktop's GUIXT.ini be redirected to a Windows server to obtain the GUIXT.ini profile parameters. This would allow us to make global changes to this file without having to touch each GuiXT user's desktop. We would like to have this redirection be as redundant as possible.
Is it possible to have a primary and secondary
location configured in the local workstations GUIXT.ini for this redirection? Again, this is for the initial reading of the parameter file, not for accessing GUIXT scripts. We would like to set this up so that if we lose the primary Windows server, users will fall over into our secondary server for disaster recovery scenarios where DNS may not be available.

We would like to confirm that the GUIXT.ini can be configured to switch to an alternative Windows server for the purpose of accessing GUIXT script directories should the primary Windows server fail.

Is there any way to solve this?

In the recent GuiXT versions, the "SwitchTo" in guixt.ini is ignored if the specified file is not found.
So there can be a next SwitchTo in

guixt.ini for a second file:

SwitchTo \\central1...

// If guixt.ini not found in central1, we continue here:

SwitchTo \\central2....