GuiXT and RFC:  I would like to get the decimal separator of the end-user. I created an RFC and then used the Call syntax. The information I want to see on the screen didn't appear. The separator can be an X, a Y or nothing.  What went wrong?

There are 2 different ways to handle parameters in the "Call" statement:

(1) By position


Call "myfunction" in="abcd" out="varname"

In this case, the function "myfunction" must use the parameter names "IN1" and "OUT1" in its interface definition (transaction SE37). It gets the value IN1=abcd, and the value of parameter OUT1 is returned in the variable V[varname]. The parameter names are built according to their position in the call statement (IN1, IN2,...., OUT1, OUT2,...).

(2) By name


Call "myfunction" in.banknumber="abcd""varname" In this case the function "myfunction" works with the import parameter BANKNUMBER and the export parameter CITY. In your script, you mixed (1) and (2): you work with positional parameters in the Call statement, but you use your own names (not IN1, OUT1) in the function.

I suggest you always use the newer format (2) with named parameters, since it is more flexible.