Mark function... I have "mark"-ed a number of fields in transaction MMF1 on the Basic Data 1 screen. This screen in our configuration is scrolled as there are too many fields to display in one go. However, when I scroll down to the other fields the "mark"-s stay in the same position, thus looking as if other fields are now marked. When you scroll back up, all appears OK again. Is it something that I have done or is there an issue with marking fields in a scrolling screen?
"Mark" in scrollable areas is not yet correctly handled by GuiXT. We are waiting for an enhancement in the sapgui-GuiXT interface in order to be able to solve this issue.
Until then, I suggest you use a "Text" command with a suitable icon. For example, if you want to mark the field [Material], use
Text [Material]+(0,10) "@02@"
where "02" is the id of an icon that you wish to display (see "Pushbutton" documentation).