I have a problem with the dialog "SAPWR RFC Error" - Can you please help me?      

I use GuiXT (2002 Q4 6) and SAP R/3 4.6C with SAP GUI 6.20 (Patch level 21), but I think the same error occurs on different
SAP GUIs. My GuiXT scripts and images are stored at SAP Web Repository (SMW0). The function module WWW_GET_MIME_OBJECT has been released... I do not use the GuiXT.ini file - everything is configured with GuiXT Profile parameters.
Maybe not always, but sometimes (today every time) I receive the error dialog box. I think there are some wrong parameters:
GWSERV=sapgw00, SYSNR=00, service 3300, because my SAP system runs with system number 10.
So, I think the parameters should look like: GWSERV=sapgw10, SYSNR=10, service 3310. The application server st01 is right. It is our productive server? On our test server the GuiXT looks okay, but there is a SAP system number 00.
How can we run the GuiXT correctly on the productive server for ever? Do you have an idea?

You have most likely activated GuiXT after logging on (in the SAP GUI options). In this case the RFC connection parameters have not yet been correctly passed from SAP GUI to GuiXT. (We are waiting for a SAP GUI correction here.) In production mode this is usually not a problem, since the users keep the "GuiXT activated" option on.