I am using GuiXT for the first time to enhance some of the screens in our SAP system to make them more user friendly. I am trying to delete most of the fields in the screen ME55 - Collective Release (program: RM06BF00 screen: 1000). The problem is trying to delete multiple fields on the one line from the screen eg: Document Type has 2 selection fields and a multiple selection box. I have tried using: DEL [Document Type] "-Triple" but this does not delete all of the line; it leaves 1 field and the multiple selection box. Can you advise?

There are several ways to delete fields without names:
(1) you use direct coordinates:
// delete pushbutton in "document type" line
del #[11,78]
I would avoid this possibility, since any changes in the ABAP report could change the position of this button as well 

(2) you use relative positions with respect to [Document type]: 
// delete pushbutton in "document type" line 
del [Document type]+(0,78) 
This is much better, since the vertical position (column) of the button does not change, if more or less parameters are defined in the report. 

(3) You delete the whole line 
// delete line containing the "document type" selection 
del [Document type] [Document type]+(0,100) 
This is fine if you really want to delete the whole line.