Location of guixt.ini: Do I have to have my guixt.ini file in the sap gui folder (C:\Program Files ...)? I have got a new PC and I don't have autorization to add any files to Program Files.  I would prefer to have my scripts in C:\guixt\script\.....

Either you can get someone who is authorized to create an ini file in the program files folder with the statement

SwitchTo C:\guixt\script\guixt.ini

so that you are able change the guixt.ini parameters in your own guixt.ini.

Or, if this is not possible, you could start guixt.exe  b e f o r e  saplogon is started, specifying the guixt.ini as the first parameter:

guixt.exe   C:\guixt\script\guixt.ini

and then start saplogon.