RFC user and password: We have been using GuiXT for a long time, but now the basis team has decided to delete our RFC user "SAPCPIC", and GuiXT doesn't work any more. I have created a new RFC user GUIXT with the authorization described in your documentation. However, I can never logon and only get the error that name or password for RFC user is wrong. I checked the box "Script download via current client" and the error message mentions the correct client. My questions are:

1. Should user GUIXT be a dialog user or a communication user?

2. The instructions say that password should be encrypted. Isn't that only relevant when I put the user name and password in the ini file?

1: Both dialog and communication users can be used as RFC users.

2: You may encrypt the password via Tools->Encrypt RFC password in GuiXT and then put the generated code directly into     GuiXT profile, or you use the "guixt.ini" file,  option RfcPasswordEnc.

If you have lower case characters in your password, e.g. AHDJKasd7, then either encrypt the password, or if unencrypted, use the string "AHDJKasd7" (with inverted commas). This applies both to GuiXT profile and to guixt.ini, option RfcPassword.