I'm wondering if you have any information regarding the performance improvement gained from using low speed connection. Do you know to what degree it increases performance for GuiXT programs?
As you know, this setting removes the SAP GUI history function for all users and I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons of low speed connection. Your opinion would be very helpful.

Low speed connection removes a certain part of the data stream between SAP application server and SAP GUI, essentially the technical field names.

The number of data packages remains the same, but the package size becomes a bit smaller.

With normal network bandwidth there will not be a significant performance difference. If some users have a slow connection, there could be some impact.

If there is a performance problem with some transactions, you should look for other ways to improve it. Concerning GuiXT, script access to web repository could be an issue (use cache and VersionNumber statement).

Also, if an InputAssistant script needs to run through lots of screens, this will often take some time. In some cases it can be improved by using an RFC call instead.