GuiXT vs ABAP WebDynpro: What are the pros and contras of implementing a Web Dynpro transaction, compared to a GuiXT based solution?

If the UI of an SAP standard transaction needs to be changed profoundly rather than being enhanced, the re-implementation with SAP Web Dynpro technology can be an alternative to a GuiXT solution. What has to be considered in this case is the following:

- If the final transaction is fairly simple, and there are standard SAP interfaces (eg BAPIs) for reading and updating the data, a Web Dynpro solution can be appropriate, provided that there is a development team with sufficient Web Dynpro knowledge

- If the SAP transaction contains complex SAP functions that should be kept (e.g. menu functions), a GuiXT approach is often better suited.

- With GuiXT it is possible to start with certain enhancements, e.g. to simplify the screen layout and the user navigation) and to add further enhancements in a second phase. With a Web Dynpro implementation, all necessary functions in the SAP transaction have to be implemented with the first rollout.

- If SAP adds further fields and functions in a future release, both the GuiXT solution and the Web Dynpro application may need to be adapted. With GuiXT, it is normally a question of rearranging a few fields and functions. In your Web Dynpro application a major implementation effort may be needed in order to add the new functions.