We have over the years generated many scripts with a default value in a particular field.  This field now needs an alternative default value. I can easily find all the scripts that have the old default but my problem is that our internal documentation doesn't go down to that level of detail and so I was wondering if there is a way of finding the SAP transaction from the file name of the script? Not all of the scripts have comments stating the SAP transaction it belongs to.

You can use the SAP table TSTC for the relationship between program names and transactions. I suggest you create an ABAP report where the user can enter the program name and then get the list of transaction codes with their texts:

Report ZZTSTC00.

Tables: Tstc, tstct.

Parameters: progid like tstc-pgmna.

Write: 'Program:', progid.


Select * from Tstc where pgmna = progid.

  Write: / tstc-tcode.

  Select single * from Tstct

      where sprsl = sy-langu and tcode = Tstc-tcode.

  Write: tstct-ttext.