After going through your tutorials I tried to test my SAP terminal by recording the script as explained, and saving it as text in the GuiXT folder. Now your next step of configuring a pushbutton couldn't be done. There are two screens in GuiXT editor: (1) left screen containing screen elements (labeled "E") and (2) right screen (labeled "S") into which I tried to add the script for the pushbutton. But I was unable to focus that screen in order to enter the cursor and write something. Please help.

The script window in GuiXT is always read-only.

To edit a script, please press the "Script" button in GuiXT window; this will open a text editor for the GuiXT script. You can configure the text editor in GuiXT profile; the default is "notepad". You must check that the script directory in GuiXT profile exists on your PC. You can download our "Script Editor Pro"  from our download page; it provides a number of useful features for script editing and a wysiwyg mode for easy layout changes. When you install it on your PC it will automatically be configured as script editor in GuiXT profile.