Do you have a "Delta guide" that outlines the changes required with GuiXT when we upgrade from SAP 4.6C to SAP ECC 6.0?

From a technical point of view, there are no changes. All of the GuiXT commands work in ECC 6.0 just as they did before. When using SAP GUI 7.1, we suggest you use GuiXT 2007 Q3 2 or upwards. Concerning the SAP applications, there are clearly some changes in a number of screens and it is necessary to test the scripts and to adapt them if necessary. SAP rarely changes field labels or technical names in new releases, but introduces new fields that have to be considered in the layout. Also, function codes that you use in InputAssistant (Enter "...") remain the same in most cases, since SAP does not want to invalidate existing batch input programs or automatic tests that use them as well. Indeed, for some transactions it can occur that they now come with a completely new design, so that considerable work will be needed in the GuiXT scripts. But it is hard to provide general rules here for how to proceed.