Response time problem after installing the application SAP GuiXT

After installing the application SAP GuiXT, we have had response time difficulties.
Currently the GuiXT project concerns only the MM transactions, but the problem affects all transactions ( Fi, CO, SD..). A long response time is observed to complete a transaction (35 seconds ). It doesn't result from the traffic, but perhaps from the scripts or from the version? How can we reduce the run time ?

Normally response times are not increased by GuiXT. 
However, in the past we have come across three problems of this type:

(a) GuiXT system trace activated in guixt.ini
Do not activate the system trace for normal use.In guixt.ini, use
Trace No
or no "Trace" statement.

(b) Script directories on a slow server or slow network, or web repository, without using GuiXT script caching.
To activate script caching in guixt.ini, use the parameter
Replication Yes
See also the documentation of the "VersionNumber" statement for further reduction of script access.
An additional hint for the situation where the scripts are on a central server, i.e. on
GUiXT will buffer these scripts (with Replication Yes) only if you use the UNC notation 
\\... (as above), but not if you assign a drive letter,e.g.
Z:, to it. So please use
Directory1 \\\guixt\scripts
and not
Directory1 Z:\guixt\scripts

We hope that these hints will help you to solve the performance issue. If not, please send us you guixt.ini file for further analysis.

(c) Script directories on a network or web server that does not exist
GuiXT then waits a certain amount of time (that you can specify) in guixt.ini (parameter FileAccessTimeout)