What are the implications of Synactive's products for blind and visually impaired users?

GuiXT is an excellent means of improving the accessibility of SAP applications to the visually impaired; it allows easy implementation of new user interfaces for numerous SAP transactions and provides interfaces that are better suited for visually impaired people. Among other features, we offer: Simplification of existing screens (fewer fields, simpler layout), fewer navigational steps, easy link of suitable voice output via GuiXT scripts. The resulting SAP applications are consequently more easily accessible than standard SAP applications currently are.

Our development tools, on the other hand, are not immediately accessible to the visually impaired. However, the approach that we would suggest here is that there is nothing to prevent a company from realising projects in close cooperation between visually impaired users and the specialists who design and implement their user interfaces; not only with GuiXT but with the full range of Synactive products.