We work with GuiXT on R/3 4.6. Can problems arise with GuiXT when we install mySAP ERP 4.7 for example, or SAP ECC 5.0?

There are no differences concerning the scripting language. But the SAP screens may change in a new correction level or new release, making changes in the scripts necessary. In practice, these problems, when they occur, are easy to solve. Our experience so far is that they normally do not occur in a correction level. On the other hand, you should include a certain amount of time for the adaptation of the GuiXT scripts when you plan a new SAP release. Compared with the training of your end users to deal with the new screens, the adaptation of the scripts is not significant. Indeed, you should keep in mind the possibility that GuiXT will save a lot of time and money otherwise needed for end user training. For example, if SAP adds a new entry field on a screen, you would normally have to teach your users what to do with this field. With GuiXT, you can simply delete the field, or you can display appropriate radio buttons for immediate input, or you can include a quick info or a comment for this field.