VBScript functions not found: After an upgrade, our VBScript functions are no longer found by the CallVBS statement. What could be the reason and what can we do?

Please use the statement

ProcessingOption ie_browser_emulation="10001"

either in the "session" script or in the script where you execute the VBScript calls. After this change in the scripts you need to logoff from all SAP sessions and also close SAP Logon screen so that no "saplogon.exe" process is running. The "browser emulation" mode can be set on process level only and cannot be changed in a running process.


GuiXT internally uses the Microsoft Internet Explorer VBScript engine. With IE11, Microsoft  decided to stop the VBScript support. More details can be found in


-> Support

-> Tips, Tricks and Samples

-> JavaScript Calls

-> JavaScript, VBScript or VB.NET

In older GuiXT versions we automatically set a browser emulation mode below IE11, but this caused problems with Internet pages displayed in SAP GUI which required the IE11 rendering engine.

In the longer term we suggest you convert your VBScript functions to either JavaScript or VB.NET, which also allows you to use Visual Studio Debugging features for your routines.