Reading a text area value: I have an unsolved problem, even after reading the documentation.
I would like to embed a web page to SAP. I would also like to get the value of an HTML element from the web page and pass it on to GuiXT for further processing. The element is <textarea>. I tried to give it both name and Id but it was still not possible to get the value of textarea. <table > <tr > <td> <textarea name="ContactName" id ="ContactName"> </ textarea> </td > </tr > </table >
Could you please provide some guidance?
Your approach is correct. Here is a detailed example:

GuiXT Script:

Control (10,1) (17,62) progid="file:///c:\guixt\scripts\test1.html"


Pushbutton (19,1) "Show textarea content" process="show_textarea.txt"

This displays your HTML page"test1.html" with the <textarea> tag together with a pushbutton.

Enter some text and click the pushbutton. The InputScript "show_textare.txt" is as follows:

CallVBS txt = element_value "ContactName" "&V[html1]"
Message "&V[txt]"

and the VBScript function:

Function element_value(id,obj)

' return DOM element value
element_value = obj.document.getElementById(id).value

End Function