SAP Web Dispatcher as an infrastructure component
CIS mobile should be callable as a web application on the Internet. However, the SAP system is usually located in the intranet and cannot be accessed from outside. The SAP Web Dispatcher can be used to create a so-called DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). The SAP Web Dispatcher thus stands between the web client (browser) and the server on which web applications run.

Normally, the SAP Web Dispatcher is used to forward and receive requests to an SAP system. However, it can also be used to forward requests to any external system, in the case of CIS mobile this is the IIS from Microsoft on which the web application runs. For this purpose, the external system can be specified in the configuration profile (e.g. sapwebdisp.pfl) by the following entry:
wdisp/system_0 = SID=EXT, EXTSRV=, SRCURL=/, SRCSRV=*:8000

In the example, all requests are forwarded via port 8000 to the URL, port 80.
The SAP Web Dispatcher can be downloaded from the SAP Marketplace and runs on under Windows and Linux. After downloading and unpacking, the setup wizard can be started with the following command, which automatically creates a configuration file and starts the system:

sapwebdisp.exe -bootstrap

Setup via web interface

After successful installation, the web interface can be started by calling the following URL, with which further settings can be made or processes can be monitored: