Product illustrations

CIS mobile can show illustrations of products on the materials screen, one image per article.

In principle, the image files can be saved anywhere e.g. in a directory on a central server in the local area network or reachable via ftp/http or even within the SAP system as an attachement to a product.

You can configure the access to a product illustration by implementing the VB.NET method "ProductImagePath" in the CIS add-on program.

As input parameter the method retrieves the material number. You then return the path of the image file. Example: The image file is transferred via RFC from the SAP system. You then just create a temporary copy of this image file and return the corresponding path.


The image files can be in any format supported by HTML (.png, .jpg or .gif).

They will be displayed with a maximum height of 300px. If the images are much bigger we recommend you scale them down on the server. They will then be loaded much faster. You can use VB.NET graphic routines to do the job.


As an example you can see the implementation in the VB.NET method "ProductImagePath" for the case where the illlustrations are saved in a directory on a server in the LAN: