Levels of customization

CIS mobile can be customized within different user levels. Many settings can be made within CIS mobile directly.


The background image of the navigation tab, color scheme, sounds and the visibility of add-ons can be set by any user on an individual basis. Those settings therefore have no influence on the settings of other users.


Only users who belong to the list of administrators can change the following settings:

- SAP GUI Logon
- Company address
- Company logo
- Organizational data (e.g. sales distribution)
- Text types for contacts
- List of administrators

Those parameters apply to all users who log on to CIS mobile.

Add-ons and user defined reports

To implement your own add-ons and reports you  need to have access to the machine that CIS mobile is running on. You can then modify or extend the methods in the add-on project (VB.NET) and recompile the DLL file that is run by the IIS.

ABAP functions and programs

When CIS mobile is being installed, four ABAP modules need to be transported to the SAP ERP system. When you have the permission to modify the programs you can extend them to add more reports that can be accessed from the VB.NET add-on project.
Customize the GUI

GUI customization and accessing the administration


Many options that can be set in CIS mobile directly.

The VB.NET add-on project

A VB.NET project with many examples for user add-ons and reports is bundled with the CIS mobile setup.

s10addon can be compiled with Visual Studio (Version 2008 and later).

ABAP programs

ABAP functions for CIS mobile: BAPIs are not sufficient in several cases