CIS mobile standard offers a comprehensive solution for creating and administering logon tickets. Nevertheless, you may extend or modify the implementation, e.g. to follow your company's security guidelines.

Checking a ticket

The method "CheckTicket" inspects a ticket that may be used to logon to CIS mobile and returns true if it is valid. Generated tickets are saved in the file "tickets.txt" that can be found in the directory "config\tickets" and is used for the validation.

A simple validation is a comparison of the ticket to a hard-coded textstring. Here you have a single valid ticket  for all users together.

A valid ticket for any CIS mobile user

Generating a new ticket

In CIS mobile an algorithm is implemented as an add-on that creates a random passphrase referring to the parameters set in the configuration. You can modify it or replace it with your own implementation.

Generating a random passphrase
Handling a ticket request

As a default in CIS mobile a new ticket is generated and sent to the user's e-mail address saved in the system when the user requests a ticket. You can put your own implementation in the method "RequestTicket", e.g. if you want to save the ticket into the SAP system or display the ticket as a text message on the logon screen instead.

Empty method for handling a ticket request