Retrieve input value analysis
In transaction /guixt/uilog enter the UI Log project and, optionally, further selections (transaction, date...). Then select "Input values" and start with F8:

Overview screen
You get an overview of the entered values per field, with the number and percentage of times each value has been entered:

Additional selections
You can use the buttons provided to reduce the number of values displayed or to display only those input fields in which a few different values appeared.

For example, the button "Only 1 value" together with the switch to "Selection" via button "Selection/Display" returns the fields in which the same value was always entered:

For transactions of "Create" type it can be useful to set the corresponding value as default value in the GuiXT script. 

Generation of GuiXT optimizations
The button "GuiXT Optimization" generates GuiXT statements for the selected fields, namely

  • If only one input value exists, a "Default" statement with the corresponding value

  • If several input values exist, a "drop-down list" is displayed

Example (VA01), fields "Order reason" and "Delivering plant" with the values shown above:


Please note when generating:

  • The GuiXT instructions are inserted into the corresponding script at the beginning. Any previously generated statements are not deleted; you may have to do this manually.

  • The value lists for "Dropdownlist" are built only once per SAP GUI mode. After generation with new values please open a new mode for testing.