(Menu  Tools -> List All Screenelements)

This tool displays a list of all screen elements of the current screen. In addition, all occurences of a chosen screen element in the current script can be displayed.

Details of a screen element

The table shows the element's name, technical name, type and its position.
For more informations about screen element see Screen elements and positions

Inserting into the current script

This can be done by double-clicking an entry or using the button "Insert Into Script"


With Position Positions (x,y) are added
Technical Name The technical name is used

Refreshing the list

On modifying the current screen it may be neccessary to update the list of screen elements. This can be done by using the "Refresh List" button.

Occurences in the current script

On selecting an entry in the list, all occurences of this particular screen element in the current script are listed. Double-clicking the element allows you to jump directly to the line in which it occurs.

Alternative: screen elements in the IC menu

Inserting screen elements can also be done by means of the IC menu. Push the IC button or right click on an empty line within the script in order to open this menu.