Installation Please download and execute the editor setup program from our download page. It copies the program guixteditor.exe to the installation directory.

It also defines the GuiXT script editor as standard editor in GuiXT profile. You can change the standard editor setting in GuiXT profile back to notepad.exe, or to another text editor of your choice at any time.

When you click on the "Script" or "InputScript" button in GuiXT the new editor will now come up.

Activation Using the Script Editor Pro requires a valid license key.

Please contact to optain a key or use the online form (menu 'support) to request a trial key for free. 
If you want to perform the installation without user interface , you can start the setup with the following parameters:

guixt.editor.setup.exe /exenoui /qn

If you want to specify a specific destination directory , you can use the PATH parameter, e.g.

guixt.editor.setup.exe /exenoui /qn PATH="D:\Tools\ScriptEditor"

(The PATH parameter requires version 2020 Q3 4 or higher.)
Hint The program requires the Visual C++ Redistributable Package to run. This can be chosen and installed during the regular setup. Usually it is already installed on windows pcs. 

The VS C++ Redist. Package containts runtime libraries that are required by all applications that are compiled with Visual Studio 2012.