First step Frequent mistakes in GuiXT scripts are often merely typing errors in the names of screen elements. You can avoid these with the cut & paste method: Click on an element in the "Screen elements" window, and then paste it into your script. See also Editor/Tips and Tricks
1. Please take the time to check that no typing errors have slipped into what you have written, e.g. GuiXT Profile or GuiXT Scripts.
Errors in GuiXT scripts are shown at run time  (View->Script). You obtain an indication about a possible cause of the error, e.g. missing inverted commas, or screen coordinates.

 Short error messages are shown in the script window

2. If you are satisfied, please ask a colleague to carry out a recheck Sometimes, even on rereading our work 2 or 3 times, we overlook a simple typo again and again.
3. .Make use of all possible tools that could help you to discover such an error

For InputScripts, use the "Trace" function and "Visible Autoprocessing"

Note, in particular, GuiXT´s message window (View->Messages).

In the message protocol all error messages are shown line by line

4. Is something that worked before suddenly no longer working? This is often caused by a change in an another part of the system, which at first glance would seem to have no connection to the new error, e.g. changing the name of a directory. Such changes are very difficult to pick up at a distance, i.e. if one is not on the spot. Please try to run a test with the previous settings.
5. Consult the documentation. In particular, the Tips & Tricks section in the relevant chapter of the documentation is likely to contain an indication of where your problem lies.
6. Consult our general Q&A-page. Perhaps your problem and its solution is described here. Open problems and corrections in previous versions are listed in Version Info.
7. Support through Synactive GmbH If you cannot locate and correct the error, please send us a problem report.