Purpose With Box you can draw a rectangular box around a group of other screen elements.

Box (10,20) (16,44) "Invoice data"

A rectangular box will appear with its top left hand corner at (10,20) and its bottom right hand corner at (16,44). The heading "Invoice data" will also appear.

Box (row1,column1) (row2,column2)

Box (row1,column1) (row2,column2) "Heading"

& Tricks
  • You may use screen variables within the heading text, e.g.
    Box(10,20) (16,44) "Invoice data for &F[Ref number]"
  • When you place an Image within a Box, we suggest, for esthetic reasons, that you use somewhat larger coordinates for the top left hand corner of the image, e.g.
    Box (10,20) (16,44) "Heading"
    Image (10.2,20.5) (16,44) "Image file"
  • Please have a look at the examples in GuiXT tutorials 2 and 3.
Components GuiXT