Local value help



Look at your GuiXT profile (click on Edit-Profile). Which domain directory did you specify in the profile? Open this directory (e.g., C:\GuiXT\Domains) with the Explorer.

If the domain directory is not correctly specified in the profile: Enter the correct directory, logoff from R/3, close GuiXT, start GuiXT again, logon to R/3, test again.


Open the domain description files domText.E.txt and domTextScreen.E.txt (please replace the character 'E' (English) with your language code (F=French, I=Italian, D=German,...; always 1 character that GuiXT uses for scripts and input history files).

If you do not find the files, then copy the files from somewhere else, or generate them with ZGUIXT12.

Are the files not empty, and does the format look reasonable? Look at a specific field that you use for your tests. Is the field text contained in domText.E.txt? Which domain is is assigned to this text?

If you changed one of the files, then please logoff from R/3 and close GuiXT before the next test, since these files are buffered in memory by GuiXT.


With the domain name from 2, e.g. bukrs, open the file dom.E.bukrs.txt (or dom.F.bukrs.txt,...).

If the file does not exist, generate it with ZGUIXT16, or enter some lines manually in the format described in the documentation.

You do not have to close GuiXT for the next test, these files are always loaded from the file system when needed.


Is the domain directory on a network drive and are you using the GuiXT cache feature? Deactivate the cache and test again. If it works now, then check the cache directory.


If 1-4 are OK, but the local value help is still not shown: Activate the GuiXT system trace in the GuiXT profile. Try to display the local value help for a field. Deactivate the system trace.

Look at the system trace (click on View->Trace). Perhaps this will give you an idea of which file is missing or what else is going wrong.


If 5 hasn't been successful, save the trace file (click on Tools->Download trace file) and send the file to problem@synactive.com.: